Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Respect the Arm Bar...

You know it is coming. The pieces are in place and you know the tap is inevitable. And when a black belt has it keyed in, get ready to tap fast and do not expect muscle out. Respect the arm bar.

I am nursing a little bit of a hyper extension today after class last night. I rolled with my professor; it was actually like rolling with a ghost because he kept disappearing only to reappear in a dominant position with a submission set up. He took top mount while I was on my side and grabbed my top hand, setting up the sit back arm bar.

I thought on his way back I could turn into him and drop my elbow to the floor. The problem was, he did not sit back, he sat straight down and there was no space to pull out. And with that, the arm bar was locked in and my attempt to muscle out against his strength caused the extension. I respect his control, because it could have been a lot worse if it were anyone else. Respect.

There have been times when I have rolled with a less experienced classmate and had a submission on, but they persist in attempting an escape. I have two options in this situation; let it go or teach a lesson. I, depending on the situation, will most likely let the submission go to avoid causing an injury. But there are times where I will give it a little pressure and bring the submission to the brink, until I get the tap.

My advice to anyone in a potentially bad situation in class; you gotta show some respect for the techniques taught and tap when they are laid on tight. Otherwise you risk the throbbing discomfort of your mistake.


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Rickson v. Royler Gracie