Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Cross Choke and Step by Steps

In class last night we spent a great deal of time focusing on the cross choke from guard. Basic techniques are advanced for new students to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which I find when training personally. I am most interested in the foundations and subtleties because I know as my training progresses, I will most likely fall back on the basics when in a tough spot.

There are basic steps that must be put together in proper order with correctness. If one step is missed or clumsily applied, the whole technique will most likely fall apart. And there are nuances to each step that come with experience; like how to make space where there is none, how to form your wrists and arms to apply extra pressure in the proper places, in what direction to push or pull, etc. Steps within steps. Plans within plans.

With the cross choke, here are some things I need to remember:

  • Loosen the opponent's lapels if possible to make space for the grips.
  • Get the first cross grip in deep; essential for the choke set up.
  • Shift upper body towards the second grip hand to better extend reach under first gripped arm. Look where the second hand is going.
  • Palms face towards myself as I pull my elbows down to the floor with my lats.
  • If I miss a step, I may not get a second chance to apply the choke. Better to go for something else instead because my opponent will defend easier knowing what I want to do.
Flashy submissions look cool, but getting the job done with simplicity is what I am interested in right now. I must focus on the details of the basics because they will be the tools for more elaborate techniques in the future.