Thursday, January 12, 2006

The First Seven Months

The best place to begin is the beginning. It has been almost 7 months since I first stepped on the mat so this, my first post, will be about my first 7 months training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

A year ago my first son was born which pretty much meant that my plate was full; life was dedicated to someone else and I was neglecting myself. When he turned 5 months, I discussed starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with my wife to get back in shape and put my head back in the right place.

I had attained a first degree black belt in Goju Ryu Karate Do after 10 years of training but had not trained for a few years after getting married, starting a business, and stepping out on my own. Martial arts had taken a back seat. Training and martial arts had always been a major part of my life, so I was not intimidated about getting back into it.

I did some research on various martial arts but had a pretty good knowledge of what was out there. I did not want to start Karate again; I would not feel right wrapping a white belt around my waist in something I spent more than a third of my life doing. Nor did I feel right wrapping a Black Belt around my waist after my neglect. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was new, less formal, and I had always been fascinated by the fighting style of the art.

When I first stepped on the mat, I weighed 179 lbs at a height of 5'9. I admit that for the first few classes I was out of my element. The warm up would tire me out and the moves we were learning left my brain as fast as they entered. But my instructor, Professor Scott Schilling, was an awesome leader and it showed in the lessons as well as the team.

After the first four months I had dropped 10 pounds and I started feeling a difference in my fighting and stamina. I had also earned my first stripe. These things were important to me personally, but more than both of these things, I knew the names of everyone in my class and I think they new me. I felt like I was becoming part of the team.

So that brings me to where I am now and why I started this site. I want to share a play by play of my classes and progress in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I also want to share my perspectives as well lessons learned. This will help my development and perhaps help those sitting on the sideline start training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.