Monday, January 16, 2006

Sore Rib Cage?

My Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team is diverse in size and weight. I noticed that my rib cage would often be sore after rolling with the larger fighters on my team; those who weighed 30+ lbs more than myself. It took me a while to figure out why I felt the rib cage discomfort and then gave some thought to exactly what was going on in my fighting.

In most cases, larger fighters will get on top of smaller fighters... well in my case anyway. If they were in my guard, they would base up with their hands pushing down on my ribs or lean down and smother. Side mount would lead to some pressure as well. And it really sucked if I ever found myself stuck at the bottom of a knee on belly; the struggle to push out put some pressure on my back as well. These positions, I figured, were the cause of my discomfort.

The solution? Well, now when I role I do everything in my power to avoid being on the bottom, even if it means losing a few seconds of rest when tired. It takes far more energy to get out from under there anyway. And you still have to avoid submission on your way out. I would rather push my way to the side and keep my arms outstretched than fall back and get pinned.

If I ever do find myself on the bottom, it does happen, I want to get up as quickly as possible or at least to the side. It has been working for the past month and a half anyway. Less pain. So if you have sore ribs after rolling with larger fighters, try to stay on top at all costs. It may help if you have a sore rib cage.