Monday, January 23, 2006

Why I Train in BJJ

Most people, the vast majority in fact, choose the path of least resistance in life. That gets them exactly what they deserve, far less than what life has to offer. When I first started training, my Professor asked me why I wanted to train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I said, "To get sharp".

What is "Getting sharp"?

In life, we are pulled and pushed around by forces all around us; responsibilities, obligations, stresses, discomforts, etc. We have little control over these external forces; they are a part of life. The result of all this pushing and pulling causes one to get dull, tired, and worn out. But if we put a different kind of stress on ourselves, a stress or force that creates internal strength mentally, physically and spiritually, the negative effects of the external forces diminish. I call this growth from positive stress; "Getting Sharp".

"Nothing I do in life is as hard as what I face on the mat, and that makes life outside easier to handle."

Now there are some really challenging things I have faced in my life such as a highway accident, the birth of my son, and other private things. Of course they were tough. But rolling with some of my teammates, pushing myself mentally and physically a few times a week causes intense stress, anxiety, and some physical pain too. I consider the stresses faced on the mat to be positive, because the result of these stresses are good for me. They dampen negative effect of the other things I deal with in my life. The volume decreases and I can hear much better. I am getting sharp.

So, the kind of stress I face on the mat is a stress designed to improve my life, all areas of my life, and I am in control of the results. So that is why I train, to get sharp.