Friday, March 24, 2006

Injuries Just Happen

It is a full contact sport and sometimes, even with caution, injuries just happen. In Monday's class, I sprained my wrist; big deal. In fact, I did not even realize what had happened until after class when I got home and started to relax and my wrist started to throb and smart when rotated. Nothing a little ice, tensor bandage and some immobilization for a few days would not fix; my wrist feels a little better already.

Sometimes down time is as valuable as uptime, although I prefer uptime. But this week, I just chilled out for the first time in a while. No posts, light workouts and stretching, and focused on some other aspects of my life; there are many. :)

Injuries force a change of pace and helps stave off burn out and more injuries. Like when you get a cold or the flu, your body tells you to chill for a while. But when the sickness is gone, it is back to work time. And since my wrist starting to feel better...