Friday, March 17, 2006

Popcorn and Toast

On Wednesday, we were working some pretty effective escapes from side mount bottom. Without getting into specifics, there were two things I noticed that were essential to first setting up the escape and then second performing the escape.


If you are being held down and your arms are not in the right place, you need to make space where your arms should be to set up the escape. Once the proper space is created, you must quickly fill that space with your arms. The motion reminded me of being like popcorn; popping up and down with my hips and legs to lift my opponent off me for a fraction of a second. When the opponent is up, I come down as I push my hands and arms into proper position. If I do not get my arm in the right place for the escape, I keep "popping" until it is there, just like popcorn.


Once the escape is set up and arms are in the right position, legs are set up for the push; I become like toast. Toast is the is the full motion to escape and requires full dedication to get out; you do not put toast back in the toaster. And now that I think about it, I am not toast when I escape, I am more like the toaster; my opponent is toast. ;)

Just two random thoughts on popcorn and toast; effective in some situations. These two essential movements get stronger and stronger as I strengthen my hips and my bridge. I still need work on learning how to lean up and base with my arm...