Thursday, April 06, 2006

BJJ Animal Farm Explained

Two days ago I wrote a short parable about an animal farm based on a weird dream I had after class on Monday. Don't ask. I was aware when writing it that it would be a little cryptic, but I figured I would try to emulate George Orwell a little, the author who actually wrote a book called "Animal Farm", and talk in analogies. And now for the explanations...

Each animal on BJJ Animal Farm represents a belt level in BJJ; or a fighters mind set in a fight. The barn on fire from the storm represents a fight, or a specific situation in a fight with the wide open barn door representing the escape or opportunity.

  • The Farmer would be the Professor or instructor who generally sees a storm (situation) coming from miles away. Their job is to look after the animals or students.

  • The pigs would be Black or Brown belts because they read signs that no one else can see and will act at the earliest opportunity. Why did I chose pigs to be Black and Brown belts? In Orwell's Animal Farm, the Pigs controlled everything; crafty, devious, controlling, and mentally savvy warriors. If you read the book, you will understand. And because that is how it was in my dream... ?

  • The sheep dogs would be a Purple belt; smart, good fighters, helpful, and a little slower to react than a Brown or Black belt in certain situations.

  • The sheep would be Blue belts who follow instructions well. But, no offense to any Blue belt, but still reliant on instruction or "herding" to be a better sheep.

  • Horses would be a pretty good White belt but still not smart enough to leave the burning barn without some help. Not too many horses follow instructions well, but they are known as hard workers.

  • And finally, the Cows are new level White belts who may just stay in a bad situation no matter how loud the farmer shouts instructions.
At the end, I talked about how after the storm, the Farmer surveyed the situation and took count of his animals; gradings and course corrections. Every fight is just a moment in time and will be repeated, just like a bad storm. Sometimes there is damage, but the rebuilding is often better than the original product.

So there you have it, the most far out thing I think I have written based on a weird dream.


P.S. The chickens represent people who don't train. That is just how it was in my dream... ;)