Thursday, April 27, 2006

One Hundred Pound Quarter

The distribution of weight by means of mobility, position, and balance is essential for control of top position and understanding how to escape from bottom. Last night we worked an effective pass from butterfly guard. But it was only effective if certain conditions were created; proper weight distribution was a major key to controlling the transition.

A quarter is pretty easy to pick up off the ground. But what if that quarter weighed over a hundred pounds? Not as easy. And what if that hundred plus pound quarter was sitting squarely on your chest as you tried to do a sit up?

When rolling with some of the guys in my class and especially Professor, it feels like they have a roll of hundred pound quarters and they are constantly placing them on my "sit up" points. I have found that anticipating where they want to weigh me down helps me shimmy out of the way. It has also helps to try to keep control of my hips, stay on my side, and keep my elbows and knees between my opponent and I as much as possible.

As for my hundred pound quarters, I am still learning how to invest. But I have some pretty good advisors and difficult lessons seem to sink deep.