Thursday, April 13, 2006

Rolling with Professor

Last night I rolled with Professor Schilling for the first time in a while. Anytime I get a chance to test my skill against my teacher's is a great opportunity. So here is how it went...

I attack and get tapped. I attack and then get tapped. Then I attack, get flipped, and then tap. Four and a half minutes to go. Tap. Defend. Tap. Tap. Almost fall asleep... Tap. You get the idea. I may have exaggerated the amount of times I tapped, but do not exaggerate the skill in which Professor "Pwnd" me. The best part was after it was over he pointed to himself and said, "Got Jits". Classic.

There was one difference rolling with Professor this time, than the last time a few months ago. My stamina has increased and I can move a lot faster. So basically, I can get tapped faster and more often and still be able to roll a few more times afterwards.

Man, one day, if I can do what he did to me to someone else... ahh yeah.


P.S. Thanks Sam, for looking at my forearm and giving me some peace of mind.