Friday, May 19, 2006

My Recent Inactivity

Over the past two weeks I have been nursing a left hand injury that occurred at the Canadian Nationals that I wrote about a week and a half ago. In the No Gi division, I felt like I was being picked apart by this really kick ass fighter from Joslin's; I do not remember his name. He was up on points and with about a minute and a half to go it happened.

On a pass from Half Guard, my opponent pulled his leg out and attempted to roll up to either a high side mount or north south. The only problem was my elbow was braced to the floor and my hand tried to stop the freight train. The result was my fingers were bent back, I do not know how far, and the match was over. The Ambulance guys slowly made their way over to me with a nice bag of ice and said nothing was broken.

Today I have about 30% strength in my left hand and it sometimes throbs in between my index and middle finger and the blade of my hand. Typing is a bitch as well as some other extra curricular activities... You know, lifting things...

I have taken the last 3 classes off to nurse it and it is getting better. I will be in class next week, but the lure of rolling is sometimes too strong and I may just want to jump in and go. But if I learned anything from my thumb injury from last year is that these things take time. So it looks like I get to watch all the fun happen around me and wait.


I have heard Professor say this, and I will take it to heart next time; "Do not get in a position that will turn your injury into a liability".