Sunday, July 16, 2006

Back from Vacation

I just got back from my first vacation in almost a year and a half. My wife, son, and I did a road trip to Washington DC and Virginia Beach; a 14 hour journey. I remember trips like this when I was not in shape and hotel beds and long car seat sitting would kill my back, but this marathon was a piece of cake this time round. Here is a quick summary of stuff and random thoughts if you are interested;

  • Food in the US is very bad for you. On the road there is almost nothing nutritional to eat. I am happy to be back in Canada and my healthy food filled fridge.
  • My son climbed every step of the Lincoln Memorial, a feat for most some people and he is only 18 months old. Every step!
  • The best workout I had was the 2 or 3 hours of boogie boarding every day in Virginia Beach. I also enjoyed running in waves.
  • Sports stores in the US kick ass. You can find things there you can not find in Canada. I picked up a Nike Speed Rope and one pound Finger Grip Ball cheap.
  • There is nothing worse than knowing you are turning to meatloaf due to inactivity.
That is it, five things. I picked up SuperFit; the Royce Gracie book on working out for BJJ and will write a review shortly. It had some good things in it, but noting beats training in class. I will be back in class tomorrow and look forward to getting my ass kicked back into shape. But I have to warn every one in my class; I have a skipping rope now and I am not afraid to use it...