Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Did you know that every moment of the day, we are moving over 1000 miles an hour? That is how fast the earth is spinning. We do not realize it because we are stuck to this ball of dirt along with everything else around us, hurling itself through the universe at untold speeds. It kinda feels like we are standing still, doesn't it.

I brought this up because this is a great analogy for class and progression in BJJ. As everyone around you gets better, it is hard to notice your own progression. The blue belt who has been tapping you for a year still taps you, even after an entire year of training. But I have found that I only notice how well I have progressed when I roll with a relatively new student at the club, even a student who has been training for only a few months less than me. I wonder what it would be like against a non-fighter on the street... ? ... ;)

Tonight I am going back to class after the holiday war. Yes, war. This year I had 7 separate Christmas events. Crazy! But I did manage to get a new project launched: I took some of the tools I have been using for my own progression and polished them up for others to use.

I also wanted to give a shout out to Aesopian, a brother fighter from Tampa! He just earned his Purple and to my recent knowledge, has a really kick ass site: Check it out.