Monday, February 05, 2007

Relax, It's Jiu Jitsu

Just training over the past while and taking in the benefits of escaping from my current reality. It is nice to just do it sometimes, with out analisys; Jiu Jitsu is fun.

I have been playing a different game over the past few weeks in order to help me find my style and my game. Professor told my my greatest challenge would be to relax and let the BJJ do the work. He quoted Rickson Gracie; "Flow with the go."

So that is what I have been doing, flowing with the go. It is fun rolling with white belts who are bigger than me, stronger than me, and younger than me with this relax mind set. Sweeps, transitions, and submissions seem to flow easily when I just let go of my strength and let the Jiu Jitsu take over.

As for rolling with the Purple Belts, I have found a new level of getting my ass kicked. I could resort to playing my strength, but I understand now that doing that would hurt my progression. So I will play the game and get better. But even though I am getting my ass kicked, I see that I am doing it to myself; falling into traps set out for me. And that kind of rolling will only lead to correcting mistakes.

I love my training right now; it is more important than ever. And my perspectives are constantly changing for the better. I imagine a time when I truly flow with the go and let my game replace my strength.