Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Inefficiency and Corrections

Sometimes you don't know it until IT bites you.

A few weeks ago I was in a roll with a pretty slick fighter with good mobility. He got mount and I was unable to upa or bump him off, well for a little while. I found myself pushing him up and off me, straightening my arms in the process to make space giving him ample opportunity to arm bar me. A beginner white belt mistake.

After class, Professor pulled me aside asked me to take top mount on him. He escaped like butter. I mounted high on his chest, got my hooks in from a low position, postured up from a middle position and pressed down on his hips; each time nothing would stop him from escaping with simplicity. He then mounted me and asked me to escape. I was tired after the rolls, but that is no excuse; my mount escapes were weak, useless, and almost non existent.

I love my Upa, but that only works when the conditions are in line. Professor then told me that someone who can not escape from mount should not have a blue belt around their waist. I agreed. I was embarrassed and ashamed that there was such a gaping hole in my game. But it was what it was and needed to be fixed.

So for the past month or so, every roll I start mount bottom and am at the point where I can now escape in a few seconds using some tools Professor taught me, as well as my Upa when available. I am still improving my sneaky knees and shrimps to become even more effective with my escapes.

There are so many positions and options in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It takes a long time to be proficient in all of them. But a good instructor, like my Professor, will tell you what to fix quick, what to work on, and which way to go. It may not be pleasant to hear sometimes, but deal with the information without ego and do what he says; he really does know what is best when it comes to your development. I am a better player for it.