Thursday, October 25, 2007

Back on the Rack...

I am a husband first. A father second. And in most cases I get to be myself third. In life we must choose our paths and take full responsibility and ownership of our commitments. This year has been more difficult than most in my roles as husband and father. A wife and two kids is a full time job. And I also have a real full time job as software developer; leaving almost no free time. But these chosen jobs I gladly do with passion and commitment because the dividends are spectacular.

Last night I finally got back to class after a few months of life putting a wedge in between me and my Jiu Jitsu. As I bowed in, I got to re-connect with some very important people in my life; my classmates. That felt great. But it felt even better to start the process of reconnecting with myself. There is nothing worse than completely losing yourself. But on the flip side, there is nothing better than finding yourself. And today I feel great.

Over the next few weeks and perhaps months, my task will be to find my body memory when rolling again. I got gas in the tank, but I need to put the hurt in all the right places to get back in tip top BJJ shape. And there is no shortage of those willing to put me in my place. So let the fun begin.