Thursday, August 20, 2009

Do what you can.

"We lined up for rolling and Professor made a comment about how a particular blue belt's feet were taped up and how that is the mark of a l33t BJJ student. He asked why they were taped so much to which the student replied, the tape is to cover up mosquito bites from his trip Brazil."

So I am back in action and feeling really good. My head swims again with the game scenarios. As for my specific mindset for training; keep up, work hard, and don't hurt myself. I am aware that I am in the re-building phase; polishing the rust off my tools and putting gas in the tank. My body is responding well thanks to tape, yogurt after class, and as much muscle rest as I can get between classes so they can re-build.

One thing that has been of real value to me is the understanding of compensation. We were working spider guard escapes last class which involved a lot of grip breaking. As I was not using a joystick grip, my fingers got pretty raw, pretty quick. And you never know just how raw your blisters are until you get home and have a shower.

Well, my fingers did not fully heal since last class so I had them bandaged and taped very well. That offered up some good protection. And as for the compensation during rolls, I avoided using certain grips and fell back on joystick and macro grabs. This allowed me to get some good work done and gave my injuries more time to heal for the future.

Do what you can.


P.S. I rolled with that blue belt with the foot wrappings and saw some of the mosquito bites. I am surprised he made it out of Brazil alive!